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index.23.jpg (3291 bytes) Jeff Fetters - Leader of the band, songwriter, lead guitarist, lead vocals

index.24.jpg (1990 bytes) Donny Marvin - Drummer

index.25.jpg (2437 bytes) Nate Bulter - Bass, Backup vocals

index.26.jpg (2053 bytes) Tom Magill - Keyboards, Backup vocals

index.27.jpg (2497 bytes) Rene Caffee-Coll - Percussion

index.28.jpg (1946 bytes) Glen Parrish - Lead guitar, Backup vocals

index.30.jpg (2637 bytes) John 'Rabbit' Ronk - Percussion

index.29.jpg (2209 bytes) Richie McCulley - Mandolin, Steel guitar, Harmonica

index.31.jpg (2121 bytes) Brian Kenny Fresno - Fiddle

index.32.jpg (2391 bytes) Joe Garcia - Bass, Backup vocals

jeanne.jpg (1517 bytes) Jeanne Garcia - Backup vocals

wpe16A.jpg (1168 bytes) Katie Ramirez - Backup vocals

wpe169.jpg (1207 bytes) Leslie Smith - Backup vocals