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This is the first gig that My Brothers' Band ever played. We played at the Fulton down in the Fulton mall. This is also our first format. Jeff,Joe,Donny,Glen,Jeanne

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This was our next format. Jeff,Donny,Nate,Tom,Glen,Rabbit,Richie,Bryan. This was the biggest the band has ever been.....Not yet....

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This was our next format. Jeff,Donny,Nate,Glen

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We then went to a trio with two female vocalists. My Brothers' Band and the Sisters Two.... Jeff,Donny,Nate,Katie,Leslie

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We then brought back many of the past players for one last show. Jeff,Donny,Nate,Glen,Tom,Rene,Rabbit,Richie,Katie,Leslie,Jeanne, this was the biggest the band has ever been!

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Our last show really wasn't our last show. You can see us every 4 - 5 months. Our format now is Jeff,Donny,Nate,Tom (Guitar,Drums,Bass,Keyboards)